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Seven Most Important Values of ALEC - Simão & Olgando SA

—  Social Responsibility
—  Reliability, Innovation and Quality Commitment
—  Environmental Sustainability
—  Honesty and Business Integrity
—  Training, Safety and Protection at Work
—  Efficient Organizational Communication
—  Criativity, Positive Thinking and Action

Code of Conduct From ALEC | Simão & Olgando SA

The Code of Conduct from ALEC - Simão & Olgando SA has the objective of assuring that, in all internal processes and external relationships of the company, a set of ground principles are kept and followed, in order to achieve and maintain: the respect for human dignity, for the health and for the well being of all employees; the preservation of the environment; the enforcement of health and safety regulations throughout all processes; and respect for the Law. We believe that such a set of principles are capable of empowering a business organization into reliability, credibility, competence and fairness, and into being capable of spurring quality and innovation.

1. Zero Tolerance Restriction on the Use of Child Labour
Never use, or tolerate the use by a partner or a supplier, child labour of any sort under any circumstances. Assure that younger and inexperienced workers are not submitted to complex and heavier tasks, before being instructed and trained during a previous period and are properly equipped with safety and protective wear, following all health and safety regulation.

2. Zero Tolerance Restriction on the Use of Forced Labour
Never use, or tolerate the use by a partner or a supplier, forced labour of any sort by any coercive ways under any circumstances.

3. Health and Safety Regulations
Assure that, throughout the entire organization, partners and suppliers and the whole production chain, all health and safety regulations are followed under the Law. Provide, in compliance with the Law, services of Medical Care in the Workplace, through regular scheduled medical appointments with GP, and additionally, offering to each employee health insurance to provide access to complementary private health care at low costs. Promote a healthy, safe and friendly work environment that ensures the well being of the employees.

4. Freedom of Joining and Being Represented by Associations and Unions
Assure that, all the employees, are given the conditions and information needed, to join or attend Unions and Associations according to their free will, and to demand if desired, Collective Negotiation for working conditions. Assure that Union and Association representatives are given access and conditions in order to carry out their duties.

5. Equality, Parity and Zero Tolerance Restriction on Discrimination
Assure that, in all recruitment processes, evaluations, promotions, learning actions, work tasks and processes and also on salaries and retributions, there is absolute no form of discrimination regarding race, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, marital and family status, handicaps of any sort, political and ideological views and affiliations.

6. Abuse of Power
Never make use of, or tolerate any form of Abuse of Power, through neither Verbal, Mental or Physical coercion. Assure that, in compliance with the Law, fair and correct disciplinary action can be taken and followed by employers and employees, with both parties having the right to accuse and defend their work rights and duties.

7. Work Hours, Missed Days and Holidays
Assure the full compliance with the Law, Union regulations and others, regarding the rights and duties of all workers on working hours, extra hours, missed days and holidays.

8. Remuneration
The legal and fair remuneration of work must be assured as an inviolable right of all company workers. Promote an additional remuneration based on merit and goals. Assure the full payment of all remunerative components of a salary in according to the Law, including the 14 months of salary per year, food and transportation compensation and also, when applicable, pay extra working hours. Assure that the financial package that each employee receives for their work, with special attention on decision makers of all departments, is equal and fair, in order to avoid corruption and favouring cases that affect company decisions and policies.

9. Social and Environmental Responsibility
Assure that the company gives back, whenever possible, to the community, part of its success, by supporting local organizations and projects through the local government regarding those in need, from the young to the elderly. Support local schools and entities that develop cultural and sporting events, specially target to the children. Provide workplace conditions and facilities that promote the interaction between employees, in order to achieve and maintain a good work-life balance. Provide free transportation for workers that need so, cooking and eating facilities and free cold and hot beverages throughout the day. Promote and respectful attitude toward the environment, by all possible means in the full production chain and facilities, either by using the least hazardous products available, enforcing recycling on all departments, and introducing all the surplus material, of production, in the circular economy process, through recycling chains.

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