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inclusive and socially responsible business group

Pursuing the goal of establishing the Alec Group as a thoroughly inclusive and socially responsible business group, we have conceived a comprehensive set of measures, both internal and external, that can bring us closer to this great purpose.
Internally, in all companies within the Group, we have implemented a policy of salaries above the national minimum wage, which is why the average salary earned at Alec Group exceeds that of most similar textile companies. Additionally, we have developed a range of truly distinctive benefits in terms of recognition for all workers in our teams, including: offering transportation for commuting to work, flexible working hours to be compatible with family life, providing hot drinks in all companies, a occupational health system with medical consultations, a continuous training program for personal and professional development, daily provision of apples, preventive and therapeutic physiotherapy, osteopathic massages, work insurance, health insurance, and life insurance, comfortable social spaces, high-value meal subsidies, and a healthy, motivating professional environment with all the essential conditions to provide high levels of job satisfaction for what we consider to be the greatest wealth of our group of companies: the people who comprise it!

The Alec Group is also in the process of hiring people with disabilities, as part of a professional inclusion program developed through partnerships with local associations supporting people with disabilities.

Externally, the Alec Group maintains a program called "Alec Cares," which aims to give back to the local community a portion of the profits from its respective companies, through support for various local associations and groups, including those of environmental, cultural, sports, and social nature.

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