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supporting and encouraging creativity within the local community

Imbued with the spirit cultivated in the city of Barcelos, where the Alec Group is headquartered and known as the "queen of crafts," and also inspired by its designation as a UNESCO Creative City (https://cidadecriativa.barcelos.pt), we have created a project called BEYOND CREATIVITY. This project serves as a means of supporting and encouraging creativity within the local community and also within our own group of companies.
It involves establishing a comprehensive policy to support local artists and craftsmen from various fields and artistic sensitivities, such as painting, pottery, sculpture, photography, music, theater, cinema, poetry, and more. This support takes the form of direct sponsorship of projects and activities, as well as utilizing the buildings of our companies as special spaces for showcasing and promoting various works from diverse creative areas.

In addition to showcasing textiles and fashion—forms of art that we take pride in working with on a daily basis—the showrooms of the Alec Group serve as spaces for the rotating presentation of creative works by local artists and cultural associations. The Alec Group supports a wide range of art forms by sponsoring events, formal and informal artist groups, acquiring their works of art and creations, and promoting their works.

We believe that having artworks and the results of the creativity of many artists, especially contemporary ones, in our workspaces across different production units of our business group, allows the creative spirit, when observed, to "infect" our employees and collaborators, inspiring them to be more creative every day.

The interaction with different artists and various forms of art inspires our team, our suppliers, and our customers to be more creative and to experience with us a different, rich, and uplifting journey that only art can provide.

This is a way for the Alec Group to give back to the local community, sharing part of its achievements, inspiring others to follow a similar path, and making the coexistence with art another means of motivating and encouraging our team toward creativity and happiness in their work!

Rua da Industria, 324
4755-522 Varzea - Barcelos


Rua Afonso Nunes de Mariz, 1001
4750-571 Mariz – Barcelos


Rua D. João de Sousa, 140
4705-651 Vilaça – Braga